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How to Become a Pro Carder

This is the most basic in carding but it took a long journey for anyone to become Pro Carder here. Everyone carder start out hard and most of them invest quite some money to get started - from buying tutorials, buying the materials - CVV, carding tools and scammed by other people. In this site, we are collecting and publishing most of the tutorials in clean net and dark net, so you do not need to buy. However, we also selling some of our private guide (which we have been using our ourselves proved working).

To become pro carder, here is what you must need:
  1. CClearner - to clean your cache
  2. Socks 5 IP Address
  3. VPN/ RDP
  4. A list of working emails - GMail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook (created your own)
  5. Virtual Machine - Virtual Box or VMWare Workstation
  6. CVV or Accounts
  7. User Agent/ Finger Print Spoofing Tools - FraudFox / AntiDetect Browsers

For anything you wan to card or purchase, the procedure is always same:
  1. Have your CVV and Account Detail ready, check the location (City and Country)
  2. Run VPN - Select the same country and closest city possible
  3. Run Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) with Window Installed
  4. Run Sock5 through Proxy Manager and locate the location of the victim or the nearest city possible
  5. Double check your IP is not blacklisted (BL Check) 
  6. User Agent/ Finger Print Spoofing Tools (FraudFox / AntiDetect)
  7. Configure the User Agent/ Finger print Spoofing tools
  8. Change your system time that match your victim time zone
  9. Use CClearner to clean all existing cache
  10. Clear the DNS cache by go to Run>type "CMD">enter the command "ipconfig/flushdns"
  11. Launch the Internet Browser (FireFox)
  12. Check your identity at Whoer or Check2IP to make sure all your information are correct.
  13. Start your carding
  14. In the middle, you might need email address for user information, use the common email such as GMail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook mail and fill in carder's information
  15. And you are done!
The steps above are applying to anything you want to card, you may also find many free tutorials in this site to give you an idea what you can buy. 

Happy Carding!


  1. Nice Article, very straight forward

  2. Very helpful! Thanks a lot.

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    1. HMA is not the best vpn it keeps logs
      the best vpn imo is Private Internet Acess

  5. cool to know, thanks

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  7. what are you guys thoughts on IP Vanish

  8. I already got the Anti-detect browser..7, i also i have Mac-address changer, and Express VPN. after I run the Anti detect, my anonymity is 100%. I try to buy Steam gift cards, and my account always gets blocked. I really don't know what am not doing right. I buy ccv from central-shop. Do i still need to use socks5 after my anonymity is 100% on whoer.net?? also my Vpn location always close to the cc holders address. please help.

  9. I got two cards and the exp and the cvv is expired how do I get the updated ones

  10. U r a carder...don't share your information ...
    It is illegal

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