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How to bypass Paypal Phone Verification

This method was provided by Leon248, who is one of the darknet vendors who sell verified Paypal Account:


So lets get started This is how I verify all my Paypal phone numbers and this method is still working as of today. And one of the beautiful things is, this method will not be saturated.

To verify a Paypal phone number, I generate a phone number to match the Paypal profile. Let’s say if the profile is for an account in U.S.A, California, Los Angeles, then I generate a phone number with a Los Angeles area code. After generating the number, I add it to the Paypal account. I then create a ticket to have Paypal call me, or if you have a smartphone, you can set it up to make calls with the generated number to call the Paypal support line. The reason for this is because the source that I get the number from does not receive Paypal SMS anymore. At one point they did, but that has stopped working since the beginning of this year, so I had to get creative.

I can have Paypal call me with the number I generated because I will forward the calls to any mobile or landline of my choice, or if you have enough credit added into the sources system along with a smart phone, you can setup the generated number to be able to make calls with your generated number from your smart phone. The best part about this source, when you make a call from your smartphone, the number you generated will show up on any Caller ID. You can be anywhere in the world with your smartphone and the generated number will be what whoever you call will see, and you can still receive calls from that number. With PayPal customer service, the number that will appear to them in their system is the generated number.


Once you get them on the phone, just tell them you’re trying to do your phone verification and the site kept freezing on you at the point where you’re supposed to click to get SMS text, so instead you called and also sent a ticket for support.

NOTE: Remember to send them a ticket on the Paypal website.

They will then check to see the number your calling from or the number they called to reach you and that should take care of the phone verification

Simple Right? Well that’s all it takes and I get my numbers generated quick.


After creating a Paypal account with the information that I want, I then go to sonetel.com and generate a phone number for the Paypal profile. Once you get to sonetel.com, create a profile for yourself.


Sonetel allows you to try them out with a random number. They’ll generate a number for you to see how there system works. When creating a profile under sonetels system, you can put your real information or whatever information you want. I haven’t had to do any verification with them, except when paying with a credit card. If you fund your sonetel account with a credit card, they will ask for information of the credit card holder.

You can fund your sonetel account with either $5,$10,$25 and so on. Funding the sonetel account gives you credit to either make calls or receive calls with the number or numbers your using. If your sonetel account is with a $0 balance or a negative balance, DO NOT expect to receive or make calls with your sonetel account. You can have unlimited amounts of numbers in your profile, each number can be forwarded to any phone that you chose. You also have the option to direct calls to a voice mail or an answering service.

The easiest way to answer incoming calls to your sonetel phone numbers is to have them forwarded to your regular mobile phone number.

Advanced users can also use a wide range of software and desktop phones to answer calls. All your phones will ring at the same time when there is a call for you.

Sonetel can be found and configured for the following mobile app stores. iPhone and Android and Windows apps.


  1. This method is clearly good. It helps us to transact all our activities in PayPal efficiently. For the advanced users of PayPal, I think they no longer need this idea because they know already the process of this certain phone verification technique. This eventually good for new users of PayPal who doesn’t know yet how to use its platforms.

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  2. Please what about somebody outside USA ?

    1. yes this is why they provide this services it's called phone forward it's international

  3. nice service i knew this method but this site is simple

  4. Sontel clearly says in their terms that their phone numbers can't be used for identity validation.

    1. That's why you submit a ticket and request that PayPal calls you. They call the number on the account, it gets forwarded to whatever phone you have, you answer, and say the sms verification is freezing on you. Since THEY called YOU at the phone number listed on the ACCOUNT, then they will push you through verification. This bypasses the automated identity validation process for which the sonetel number would not work for.

  5. how will i know where the person is from if you can only see the first number?