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Anti-Detect Browser (FREE TOOLS)


Increasing your success rate to 98% during CC, Paypal, Bank Carding

Carders are constantly looking for a new ways to avoid banks and e-commerce fraud detection systems. These security solutions are mostly relying on browser fingerprints, which is the data left by a computing device while interacting in the field of analyzing and comparing these data. Anti-Detect Browser is one of the most prominent tools allowing you create a unique fingerprint to spoof the fraud detection system.

Scamming the Casino

What is the Best Country to scam the CASINO?

ES, FR, DE, AU, IT, FI. (possible deposit withdraw, acceptance of lots of bins)

What is the Worst Country to scam the CASINO?

US, CA, UK. ( USA and CA don’t accept gambling money, UK cards are dying quick and can have too little balance or SMS-alerts);

Tutorial Carding with DUMPS

TUTORIAL Carding with dumps by OrlandoMan

What do I need for real carding?

This is a very good question you will need some cash. And the following will be helpful but not required at first. You should get these items at some point, but you don't need them right away. And I will tell you why in next section.