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How to cleverly respond to a declined CC

Clever responses to declines, collected by n3d from darknet:
  • Nice:
    • " That happened to me once before i may be over my limit for the day... well gimme that one back (your right stick hand out to psychologically pressure them to give it back) and try this one" (get card back) "well I guess my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/friends monkeys uncles cousin has it. Leave this here for 5 minutes ill be right back.
  • Logical

Hacking the POS System - The Code List

This is specially to perform the instore carding, the following code are the essential when you want o card POS or using dumps to cashout. A handy list of code for you to refer, an updated list from previous post:

Bank Identification Number (BIN) Selection for Instore Carding

Ok guys, here it is. Sorry it took me awhile but these days I am a busy man. This is kinda a quick draft, and when I think some more I will add to it. If you have something to add please do! If you have something you disagree with then keep it to yourself I don't care, this is from 6 years of instore experience. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Instore Carding by n3d from Darknet

InStore Carding - How to succeed

In-Store Carding, the art of using counterfeit credit cards in order to obtain merchandise from stores. This article is for education only and to make those gain more knowledge