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5 sites to card in 2018

The following are sites can be carded in 2018, discovered by Hackprolem

mobiletopup.co.uk - UK cards works amazing, also you can get O2 simcards, top up them here and buy with phone credit on mmoga.com

  • mmoga.com - Here you can also buy with mobile phone credit. Find sites to top up your mobile phone and buy steam cards there.
  • seagm.com
  • www.raise.com - 1st sale instant, after you provide ID bought from Nesquik7 you can card more with the same card !
  • www.giftnix.com
  • kinguin.net - act like a real user. After you register do not buy straight away. Leave account for about 4 hours and come back.
Carding in action:

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